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Wait. Why the price range?
It depends on what resources you can contribute to the video. Do you have locations we can film at (an office, a building, your home, a friends home) at your disposal? Do you have friends or family that can be extras, models or actors we can put into the video? Do you have existing models, schematics, prototypes, or marketing materials we can use in the video? -- If not, that's fine! This is what we do; but these resources and securing them costs a little more money.
What about explainer videos?
We do those too. They're a little different, but generally fall under the same two options in terms of pricing.
Just a few steps to getting the video you need...
We'll call or email you to discuss your project.
Just a few questions that make the next step easy.
A simplified pitch video, a video designed for max. conversion, or something else?
What will we talk about?
We'll discuss what makes you excited about your project, what excites us about it, and work together to land on a creative approach that speaks directly to the core of your business/campaign, getting you the conversion you need to kill your goal.
Then we'll put together a quote, you look it over, and if it looks good to you we'll write up a contract, and then we're on our way.

You may have an idea already that only needs fleshing out; you may have a script in hand and just need talented people to bring it to life; or you may even be a director who needs a good cinematographer and editor. We will tailor your quote to your specific needs.

We provide creative, production, and post services, front to back. We'll be there throughout your campaign. We are all inclusive from start to finish, acting as a creative agency as well as production studio.
We have built a creative team with extensive and diverse backgrounds in film and television, who can deliver narrative style commercial content or documentary style interview and B-roll promos. Whether you want high energy action or a crisp, cool, and by the numbers presentation of your business, we have the right creative minds to do the job.


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